Drop the Metro-Liner into a construction site and watch its snug turning circle and improved visibility do their thing.

And with low tare and up to 350Hp of Cummins grunt up front, itís right at home with local and regional distribution work, too.


Granite brings comfort, handling and unmistakable Mack Truck style to an impressive range of capabilities.

With up to 90 tonnes GCM and up to 500Hp, you can point the Granite at heavy construction, local distribution or interstate highway running.


In the lighter, stronger Trident, engineering and performance have been overhauled, and it now adds 26 metre B-Double applications to its traditional diet of vocational and tipper dog work.

The Trident has a whopping appetite for work and very sober habits at the bowser.


For premium interstate line haul, AB triple roadtrains, low loader heavy haulage and everything in between Ė itís the business.

The definitive Mack Truck. Bred to turn heads and turn in healthy bottom lines.


The biggest and boldest in the Mack Trucks lineup has been overhauled from the ground up.

Designed to handle up to 200 tonnes GCM with a 53 tonnes GVM capability, this big boy cranks up the high-end horsepower and optimum grunt that multiple trailer and extra-heavy haulage work needs.

New Mack Trucks

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What started as an engine program designed to meet changing global emissions standards quickly transformed into the largest product redevelopment activity ever undertaken by Mack. A New Breed of trucks was born drawing on proven American technology adapted to thrive in our demanding conditions. The all new range of Mack trucks represents history in the making.

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